World cup in doha: end of the heat battle

Wm in doha: end of the heat battle

Khalifa Stadium. Image: Preacher lad/CC BY-SA-4.0

"Best times were never in the cards" – Criticism grows louder

The World Athletics Championships have come to an end in Doha. Somehow the spectacle in Qatar, one of the richest countries in the world, didn’t create the right atmosphere. Collapsed athletes, empty ranges in the capital arena, lazily faded out conditions on the construction sites around, and everywhere traceable: The absolute disparity between a rich high snobiety and more than two million underprivileged people. Of the statistically recorded 2.7 million inhabitants of Qatar, about 2.3 million are migrant workers from Asia and Arab countries.

Sweden: jokes about far east instead of middle east?

Sweden: jokes about far east instead of middle east?

Screenshot from the video about the clamoring Chinese tourists.

A serious conflict has arisen between Sweden and China because of a satire. Ikea and other companies are already fearing future losses in the Far East

The affair began with a film recording of three Chinese tourists being carried out of a Stockholm youth hostel by police in mid-September. They were there too early and still insisted on their room. "This is murder", they shouted hysterically and rolled on the strabe – best conditions to become a mockery on YouTube.

The experiment: greece rehearses tourism

The experiment: greece rehearses tourism

How is Rhodes, when you can not leave the hotel area?? Foto: Bultro / CC BY-SA 3.0

Despite overburdened hospitals and domestic travel bans for locals, the country does not want to give up the source of income because of the pandemic

Since Monday tourists from the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia and Israel can enter Greece without any quarantine obligation. The only requirement is a negative Corona test before departure from the home country, in addition to a negative rapid test on arrival or, alternatively, proof of vaccination against Covid-19. Two border crossings into Bulgaria – Promachonas and Nymfaia – have also been opened for tourists to enter by car.

Jihadist warzone on the turkish-syrian border

The Situation in the Turkic Border Area and the Gaps in the Control Matrix

Hundreds of al-Qaida recruits have been sheltering in the south of Turkey to travel on to Syria from there, the British Telegraph newspaper reports, truncated by its own research. The report claims that the jihadists in the waiting zone in the Turkish border area now exceed the number of FSA fighters who previously dominated the Syria militia picture. This is not officially confirmed; the assessment is based solely on the observations of the newspaper and statements by some jihadist recruits in Turkey.

The claim is generally and indirectly supported by observers of the scene, such as the British Charles Lister, who speaks of that there is "There are clear indications that the number of foreign jihadists in Syria is growing". In his view, they have an easy time getting over the border.

Russian company wants to convert nuclear submarines into transport ships

According to Danilov-Danilyan, the ousted chairman of the abolished environmental committee, 15 percent of the land is hazardous to the health of its residents

Russian nuclear submarines no longer have to sink or just lie around somewhere, but could also be put to civilian use and thus simultaneously defused as environmental bombs. But is this transformation of "Swords into plowshares" very limited – and the question remains, who after all the calamities and catastrophes would still like to entrust himself to the communist high-tech decaying in capitalism, even if he wins a trip to Mir.

The TV tower has burned and cut off the Moscow burgers from the umbilical cord of the media. The Kursk sank and once again pointed out the fatal situation of technology in Russia as well. Aleksandr Nikitin was prosecuted for betrayal of secrets, because he pointed out the environmental problem of the decaying Russian nuclear submarines (treason of an environmentalist)?). From the court in St. After his acquittal in St. Petersburg in 1999, the Prosecutor General’s Office appealed against the verdict.