Do not leave the field to violent extremists

Daniele Ganser ames that the covert warfare is still going on

In an interview with Telepolis, Swiss historian and peace researcher Daniele Ganser discusses current developments on the Oktoberfest attack, the image of Islam as an enemy, and the conflict between the West and Russia. Ganser argues that Ukraine should remain neutral and not seek to join NATO. Daniel Ganser is director of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research.

Mr. Ganser, new investigations into the Oktoberfest attack began at the end of 2014. What do you think about it?

Daniele Ganser: I think it is right and valuable that the Attorney General is re-investigating the Oktoberfest attack, because in my opinion this crime has not been comprehensively clarified. A press release from the Federal Prosecutor General states: "Most recently, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has followed up on a tip about the involvement of an intelligence agency "stay behind"-Organization pursued. However, no promising leads have emerged for the involvement of persons still alive in the attack." Oktoberfest attack and stay-behind: What comes to mind?

Daniele Ganser: In Germany, the existence of a stay-behind secret army was confirmed by the Kohl government in 1990. That is a fact. But when the Oktoberfest attack was investigated in the 1980s, the existence of stay-behind was not yet known. Therefore, it could not be investigated at that time, or at least this trail was very much in the dark. Today we are in a better situation. It is possible to investigate specifically whether the secret army was involved in the attack, for example whether explosives from Stay-behind weapons depots were used or whether the deceased Heinz Lembke was a member of the Stay-behind secret army. Shortly after the attack, members of the German Action Groups had declared that Lembke had repeatedly supplied them with weapons and explosives. It was essential to compare the explosives found at Lembke with those found at the Oktoberfest.


Russian cyberactivities: guccifer 2.0 enters the stage again

Russian cyberactivities: guccifer 2.0 takes the stage again

Image: Colin/CC BY-SA-4.0

U.S. intelligence agencies see Russian intelligence behind hack, says they were spreading Fake News

The game about who is behind the hack on the DNC email servers goes one round further. U.S. intelligence agencies in their report "Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections" From 6. January that it was Russian hackers, more or less on the direct orders of Russian President Putin, who masterminded the Bush campaign "Interference operations" In favor of Trump having ordered. Evidence is missing, however, from the version made available to the public.


The dark power behind the “dark power”

Why the political thriller addresses the distrust of our intelligence services

More and more people have justified doubts about the official version that the two NSU murderers, Uwe Bohnhardt and Uwe Mundlos, had shot each other in their mobile home. The numerous inconsistencies and cover-ups, not only in this story, have greatly increased distrust in the German services. In his political thriller "Dark power" Harald Luders does not knit a conspiracy theory about how it really could have been, but tells an exciting, highly political story about the NSU murderers. No more and no less. His thriller on the refugee crisis and the NSU murders is a reality fiction – but the mishaps and radical-right entanglements of the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Verfangsschutz described are all too bitter reality. Harald Luders has worked as a writer, reporter and editor for public television, including for titel thesen temperamente and FRONTAL. Most recently, he worked for ZDF as editorial director of reportage. He has repeatedly dealt journalistically with secret services and right-wing radicalism.

A whodunit is a whodunit is a whodunit. A good crime novel must entertain, captivate the reader, achieve and maintain suspense. This applies to every crime novel, both to the classic, in which the reader searches for the murderer and can increasingly no longer be sure that it is the partner, and equally to political crime novels. Here, too, it is a matter of tension, but against a different background: that of reality.


Did the cia provide iran with the construction manual for a nuclear bomb??

In einem Buch schildert NYT-Reporter Risen zudem, wie die CIA 2004 ihr Agentennetz im Iran auffliegen lieb und daher ausgerechnet jetzt, wo die Bush-Regierung Iran ins Visier nimmt, keine Informationen mehr hat

Just as the war against Iraq was prepared, the British and American governments seem to want to bring Iran down. Allegations are being made, but there are also fatal mistakes that intelligence agencies make because they are supposed to covertly prepare what is then negotiated on the open stage by governments. Now the British have had to withdraw the accusation that Iran is supplying weapons to the insurgents in Iraq. And in a book, the CIA’s feints and slaps are presented, which is said to have even supplied Iran with design plans for the development of nuclear weapons.

Three months ago, British militaries made strong accusations against Iran. The better bombs with which British soldiers had been killed originated there. In addition, there are said to be training camps for terrorists in Iran. Just at that time, the conflict between the U.S. government and Iran over the latter’s nuclear program was once again coming to a head, and U.S. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld warned Iran of the consequences of allegedly supplying weapons to Iraq.


Ukraine: the others must de-escalate

The civil war is coming, which does not seem to bother the EU/USA and Russia any further

The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Steinmeier, at least managed to thank the Russian government early on for its help in freeing the military observers, but he, too, made only a limited contribution to further de-escalation, defending the deployment of military inspectors and speaking only of the readiness of all parties. Hands seem to be tied, language rules, Merkel proclaims on her website: "Merkel and Obama agree on Ukraine". Only a few in politics, like CSU politician Gauweiler, and media dare to step out of the bell of good-and-bose.

Ukraine: it's up to the others to de-escalate

"Antiterror"-Units. Image: Vide


Right conspiracy theorists

The recently reintroduced staging theory of the attacks of 11.9. also finds favor in the right-wing camp

The ex-NPD board member Horst Mahler was not only a silent listener at the well-attended event "Staged Terrorism". He had already released CDs in the foyer before the event under the title "The September criminals" sells. The word scoop alludes to the swear word "November Criminals" which the NSDAP used to denigrate the supporters of the Weimar Republic.

Immediately after 11.September, Mahler had still justified the attacks and was therefore accused (right-wing tread fully occupied). In court he declared that he was now convinced that the attacks were part of a gross conspiracy of the USA.