Is solar power still worthwhile??

Yes, but with the solar tax plans of the German government it can become difficult

In 2014, the photovoltaic industry will continue to grow by 20% worldwide, as it did in 2013. The German Solar Industry Association (BSW Solar) is counting on this. The reasons are the growing interest in climate change, lower costs for PV modules and the increasing competitiveness of solar power.

Especially in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and California, PV has taken off like it did in Germany a short time ago. But in this country, the grand coalition is in the process of destroying this successful industry of the future. Even in foggy Great Britain, far more was added in 2014 than here: 1100 megawatts of PV line have been installed on the island so far this year, compared with just 460 in Germany over the same period.


The “fight against the right” has failed

The fight against the right is the modern form of medieval exorcism and is also conducted with magical rituals

In Saxony, the NPD is about as strong as the SPD, and the brown comrades are the second strongest force among first-time voters. Time to draw a conclusion: The fight against the right has failed. The motto "Youth for Tolerance and Democracy" has not been successful. This is indisputable, or someone would cynically claim that without the demand programs like Civitas – initiativ gegen Rechtsextremismus in den neuen Bundesladern everything would be much worse and a quarter of all eligible voters would vote for neo-Nazis today.

It is also indisputable that no one will admit that it is the governmental "Antifa", initiated after the media hype against right-wing extremism five years ago, is all about hot air and worried attitudes in permanence. The "Fight against the right" was a moral-theological meta-discourse, flanked by the appropriate hysterical reports, which, like the "Fight against drugs", has nothing at all to do with reality and therefore had to fail already in the beginning.


Artificial power plant in the micro-mab

Plants receive and store light energy very effectively – in a way that researchers from Switzerland and Germany have been able to imitate artificially for the first time

Man, as proud as he is of his constructions visible even from space (often they are walls), nevertheless uses again and again astonishingly ineffective basic principles. For example, the controversial Three Gorges Dam impounds over 1000 square kilometers of water to generate a full 18 gigawatts of power. Energy, that is the basic principle, is obtained from the fact that the water is so unevenly distributed between the reservoir and the outflow.

Biological systems work in a similar but much more effective way, for example during and after photosynthesis. There, too, it is a matter of first capturing energy and using these means to accumulate something – only on a much smaller scale. Nature uses a suitable process to concentrate ions or protons on one side of a biological membrane – and when the energy stored in this way needs to be called up, it opens the floodgates.


Pirate copiers are only human

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

Minister Xerox von und zu Guttenberg is a must-see for us this week – also because of several tips readers sent us, for example this anti-piracy commercial, and this is the new PR-campaign of the minister, but this is the original Guttenberg keyboard. But even the turkish prasident is a pirate. By the way, this is also a reader tip: Ken Jebsen on the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution.

Pirate copiers are only human

Riots in Bahrain


A picture betrays your opinion

The brain’s neurological response to a single image reliably reveals whether a person holds liberal or conservative views

What political opinion a person holds is usually a reflection of his character. Biologically, there is basically only one question: How does the person react to an influence of auben, which can be interpreted as a threat?? It has always been exciting for researchers to observe how deeply this character trait is anchored in the brain and how constant it remains throughout a person’s lifetime. This constancy is so strong that there must be a biological basis for it.

In search of this, U.S. researchers have now taken a closer look at test subjects under the magnetic resonance tomograph. They describe their findings in the scientific journal Current Biology. The researchers wanted to determine the extent to which the brains of conservative and (in the U.S. meaning of the term) liberal minds differed. To do this, they first had to sort the test subjects into a group.


Self-commitment vs. Legal claim

When it comes to money, morality is not sufficient protection

The explosion in the number of users of the Internet goes hand in hand with an ever-increasing commercialization of the services on offer. This may be regrettable in principle, but it will be difficult to stop this development. But in order for the Internet to become a functioning marketplace, some basic conditions must first be established. For economic transactions to take place at all, a minimum of mutual trust must exist between the transaction partners.

An important aspect here is the extent to which business processes have side effects for customers that they do not want. The use of secretly transmitted GUIDs (assignment of ID numbers by cursor images), with the help of which user profiles can be created by companies, has discredited the previous regulations, which – especially in the USA – are essentially based on self-commitments and certifications by supposedly independent testing authorities.


Damage to the climate?

It is not the cow that is responsible for climate-damaging greenhouse gases, but their instrumentalization by a profit-oriented agricultural and food industry

According to the FAO, agriculture accounts for about 18 percent of global greenhouse gases. This includes transportation and production of animal feed, as well as the clearing of rainforests for soybean cultivation. Ruminants are mainly responsible for the emission of climate-damaging gases. But if they forage on pasture, cattle, sheep and goats are climate neutral.

Livestock and agriculture account for a significant share of total human production of climate gases, with nine percent carbon dioxide, 35 percent methane and 65 percent nitrogen oxides. The amount of these gases is listed by the FAO in a recent study for all livestock species.


Saudi crown prince: “we will not hesitate to strike back”

Saudi Crown Prince:'wir werden nicht zogern zuruckzuschlagen'

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Photo: Glenn Fawcett for the US Department of Defense.

Iranian Parliamentary Speaker Accuses U.S. of False-Flag Attack, but Indirectly Cites Pearl Harbor as Historical Precedent

In an interview with the Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced to Iran that he did not want war, but indicated that his kingdom would "not to be repulsed", if "Our people, our sovereignty, our territorial integrity and our vital interests are threatened".


Sand and pool sharks – the often unrecognized danger

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video show

sand and pool sharks - the often unrecognized danger

Today we start into the first winter weekend of the year with a very tragic film. A film that shows us all how quickly acquired freedom can lead to death. And a warning that I hope we will all heed in the future in our pursuit of freedom. To this unfortunately somewhat gloomy introduction to this column, this old song fits quite well. And also the performance of our piano virtuoso Igor Otabur.

sand and pool sharks - the often unrecognized danger

Well, no more depressed. Instead a few tips for example for proper traveling, for opening closed car doors and especially important for using squat toilets. And a commercial for the good old newspaper.


Free software – legally safe?

Free Licenses – Legally Watertight, but Tailored to American Law

It is astonishing, with which trust in God European venture capitalists and software companies pump many millions of Marks into the new market of Free Software, without worrying about the legal security in dealing with GNU/Linux and the other Free Programs. One seems to be sure that the authors of the GNU General Public License, the Free BSD Copyright and the Mozilla Public License have done their work conscientiously, so that the freedom of use and further development of the software is on solid ground from a legal point of view. This has not yet been confirmed by any court in the world. But it will be all right.

It is a fact that the most important Free Licenses have indeed been constructed in a legally watertight way, this is especially true for the GNU General Public License, which is the relevant license for the whole market of the GNU/Linux operating system. Unfortunately, it is all too often overlooked that the license is tailored to US law. In European law the clocks go differently. What can be effectively agreed upon in a license on the other side of the Atlantic does not necessarily have to work as smoothly in Europe.