Is kim jong-un putting on a rough show by blowing up the nuclear test facility??

Is kim jong-un putting on a rough show by blowing up nuclear test facility?

Research suggests that the nuclear weapons test facility at Punggye-ri was rendered useless by the last nuclear test, so North Korea has since been able to rely on an approach

On 12. June the meeting between Kim Jong-un and US President Trump is to take place. Trump expects to achieve his biggest political success yet by reaching an agreement with North Korea on the elimination of nuclear weapons. He sees this as a success of his policy, in addition to tightening sanctions and prere on China to "little rocket man" with "fire and fury" have threatened. What are the motives of Kim Jong-un or. the North Korean regime had to approach Sud Korea first and then offer negotiations to the U.S., having previously relied on demonstrations of strength through weapons testing, is speculation. One must ame that, given the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, there has been increased caution in the North Korean regime to engage in an agreement that has at its core the controlled dismantlement of nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons development.

The nuclear armament served North Korea not only as a deterrent against a possible attack, but also as a basis for negotiations from a position of strength. The fact that the offers were kept despite the development of the agreement with the does not necessarily testify to their seriousness. Like Trump, Kim Jong-un needs success and a stage to portray himself as a crude leader who is successful in his strategy.


“The industrialized countries do not think about the consequences of their actions”

Bolivia to host alternative follow-up conference to failed UN climate summit in April. Telepolis spoke about this with politician Julia Ramos

After the failed UN climate summit in Copenhagen, a follow-up meeting is to take place in South America. The Bolivian government expects around 10.000 participants to the alternative climate summit in April. According to the call that has now been made public, the "World Conference of the People on Climate Change and the Rights of the Madre Tierra" from 19. until 22. April in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. In marked contrast to their Danish hosts, Bolivia’s summit organizers seek contact with social movements.

Evo Morales, the President of the South American country, was one of the most vehement critics of the climate policy of the industrialized countries in Copenhagen (systemic instead of climate change). "After listening to some contributions of presidents from all over the world, I am surprised. They only dealt with the effects and not the causes of climate change. I am very sorry to say that, apparently out of cowardice, we did not want to discuss the causes of environmental degradation on planet Earth", said the indigenous leader in view of the debates. Towards the end of the UN conference, Morales already announced the hosting of an alternative meeting.


Thaksin’s long shadow

How the Thai ex-prime minister still dominates his country’s politics

With 232 seats out of a total of 480 in the Thai parliament, the People’s Power Party (PPP) won the parliamentary election on 23. December 2007 won in the Southeast Asian kingdom. According to the official final results, the Democrat Party has 165 seats. The PPP needs a coalition partner to form the government.

Elections were held in Thailand, which is not natural for a country with a military government. However, Thai generals will not be satisfied with the election results. Most of the votes went to the party that succeeded Thaksin Shinawatra’s Thai Rak Thai – the People’s Power Party) (PPP) or. the Palang Prachachon Party in Thai. A lost year for the country after nothing has changed?


Walk with 22 dead

Saudi Arabia: Last weekend’s assassins boast of their deeds on the net

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, as you know, a highly modern country that, thanks to its pluralistic orientation and the participatory impetus of its civil society, maintains an intellectually sophisticated exchange about what is good and useful for the state and what is harmful and evil.

This too is known: between theory and practice, oh, there gapes many a gulf; how already, then, when heroes of religious practice show by deeds how quickly and easily the distinctions between good and evil and the resulting decisions are to be made.


Escalation of violence in paris

No end in sight to the disputes over the employment contract for young workers enforced by the French government

After the demonstration in the afternoon of 16. Last night, after the demonstration on the afternoon of March 16, there were again violent clashes between police and demonstrators, which continued into the night. According to Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, approximately 300 arrests were made in France, 187 of them in Paris alone.

Escalation of violence in paris

Fire on the square of the Sorbonne and Tranengasschwaden. Photo: Markus Born


The battle for every contact

Publishers develop CRM software to retain their customers. The age of editorial relationship management has dawned

Whenever an editor at Wurzburger Vogel Verlag enters a new company contact into the company’s address system, a red light flashes in the advertising department. Not on the ceiling or above one of the doors, of course, but on the screens. The advertising people then know: A new – potential – advertising customer has just been entered into the database.

"Editorial CRM" is what those responsible call it. The acronym CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management". The core of the application is a central address management system into which every employee works. To this end, the second-largest specialized publishing house in the country has adapted Sage’s Saleslogic software to its own needs and installed it in-house as SAM. Approximately 300 employees at the Wurzburg and Munich sites work with it. The editorial, ad sales and ad marketing departments are involved in the process.


Cdu leader laschet: assadist and putinist??

cdu leader laschet: assadist and putinist?

Syrian opposition militia Jaysh al-Izza. Propaganda image

Der Spiegel" accuses him of having in earlier contributions "the regime propaganda" regime propaganda. Those who look more closely discover realism in Laschet’s tweets

Since Saturday, the international media have known of Armin Laschet’s existence. With his election to the chairmanship of the CDU, the German provincial leader takes on a broader format and becomes relevant for considerations of German foreign policy. Also the Spiegel discovers Laschet anew under aubenpolitischen Mabgaben and tables with the situation on Monday morning an interesting picture of Laschet as a "Assad defender" at.