Corona: provision female, dying male

Corona: precaution female, dying male

Significantly more males die from covid-19 than females. This is partly due to genetics, but on the other hand to the "unmanly" image of health care and role stereotypes

The Corona pandemic is – also – a gender ie, because far more men than women die in connection with Covid-19, while more suspected cases of severe side effects of vaccines occur in women. Both of these reflect findings from gender-based health research. solutions were gender-sensitive health education for boys and men and greater consideration of female biology in the development of drugs and vaccines.

In principle, Covid-19 is and remains a viral disease, sometimes serious, and it is not the fault of anyone to suffer – or even to die – from it. In this respect, it is not about clarifying the question of guilt, but about a better understanding of the effects of the pandemic, including those on subjective health and infection prophylaxis. In this regard, the greater involvement of men among those officially registered as having died in connection with Covid-19 is striking. According to the RKI are considered "deceased in connection with Covid-19", who tested positive for Sars-Cov-2 by PCR test.


Deteriorating town centers, “condensed” stadte

Decaying town centers,'verdichtete' stadte

Heavily contested ground. The Tempelhofer Field in Berlin. Photo: Gregory Varnum / CC BY-SA 4.0

Debate about land consumption and new construction of single-family homes seems to come at an inopportune time, but shows that concepts for more quality of life in the city and the countryside are lacking

No, neither the head of the Grunen parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter, nor the outgoing head of the Left Party, Bernd Riexinger, have come out in favor of a ban on the construction of new single-family homes. But after just under a year of Corona decreases, it was clumsy of Hofreiter, at least from an election campaign point of view, to problematize this form of housing – not only because of the single-family home owners, but also because at the moment, according to surveys, a great many people are considering whether they can somehow afford it after all.


Colombia: mass murder hushed up

Colombia: mass murder hushed up

A woman from the Embera group. Due to violence and murders, more than a thousand members were expelled from the Choco region in October 2017. According to NRG, indigenous people are particularly affected by violence in the country. Evictions and murders have increased even more in January 2019. Photo: Ana Karina Delgado Diaz

A Look Behind the Democratized Facade of Colombia’s Killer Capitalism

An entire party in Colombia is being assassinated by "drawn", reported the New York Times (NYT) in April 1990, after the leftist presidential candidate of the Patriotic Union (UP), Bernardo Jaramillo Ossa, was shot during the election campaign. Shortly thereafter, Carlos Pizarro Leongomez was assassinated, also a former guerrilla of the M-19 movement, who wanted to transform the armed struggle into a nonviolent political confrontation. Three years earlier, Jaime Pardo Leal, the first presidential candidate to be elected in 1985, had been killed by ex-guerrillas in the context of a "Peace Process" founded UP.


Meaningful appeal to personal responsibility or vabanquespiel?

sensible appeal to personal responsibility or a game of vabanques?

Relaxed atmosphere in front of the pub – back to normal? Photo: stephen7272

Mandatory masks to be dropped in England – despite sharp rise in Corona numbers. Opponents warn that this will create new variants. In Germany, too, there are calls to end the vaccinations as soon as everyone has been offered them

England becomes testing ground for how well personal responsibility works in coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Johnson is planning to announce this afternoon that substantial reductions will be lifted from the 19th of September. July, as reported by several British media outlets. It is the country where there has been a significant increase in delta variant infections, but at the same time the proportion of people who have been vaccinated twice is higher than in Germany.


How dangerous is covid-19?

How dangerous is covid-19?

"We can defeat Corona". Image: Korean Health Development Commission (KCDC)

One basic problem is the lack of reliable and comparable data

One problem with the new coronavirus could be that the infection is so harmless for many people that they do not even notice that they are ill. According to Chinese data, one-third of those infected by tests positive but asymptomatic could belong to the category of "silent carriers" belong to.


Sea water for palastina

The world should finance Israel’s water luxury

Israel has presented a plan for a gigantic seawater desalination plant to supply the Palestinians with drinking water. The Israelis, on the other hand, want to continue using the existing groundwater of the occupied West Bank for their own purposes.

Israel recently presented plans for the desalination plant to an international relations committee of the House of Representatives (Water Scarcity in the Middle East: Regional Cooperation as a Mechanism toward Peace). The drinking water extracted from the Mediterranean Sea in Caesaria is to be used in the future to supply the Palestinians in the occupied territories. Uri Shamir of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology told MPs that this is "the only viable solution" in the long term. The plant is to be paid for by the USA, or. the international community, the follow-up costs for the Palestinians will be enormous. Verbatim Uri Shamir told the scientific journal New Scientist:


Man is a sheep to man

Man is a sheep for man

about the "critical" Mass of demonstrators, QAnon-Ken and the lack of recognition for the silent majority – A polemic

This weekend some demonstrations have taken place, more or less against the Corona decrees. On many (not yet reconsolidated) open spaces in German cities you can now find a smorgasbord of different motives, justifications, opinions, attitudes, theories, speculations, purposes and goals in the causa corona.

They are united in wanting to make themselves heard, or at least to mingle with people and to do so in the open air, which is a fundamental right that is also a fundamental right to protect. The coverage focuses on the violations of the upper limits of the number of participants, conscientiously warns against the infiltration of right-wing extremists. Current concerns of the burghers – who apparently prefer bids to bans – are hardly addressed at all.


Deadly sun

Solar storms in today’s spaceships are a gross risk for manned spaceflight

Again and again, massive flares erupt from the sun and a particle storm races through the solar system. The Earth and its inhabitants are protected from the electrically charged particles of the solar wind by the magnetic field of our planet. Astronauts in space, however, have to cope with this additional burden besides cosmic radiation. New calculations now show that a massive solar storm like the one of 1859 poses a deadly risk to space travelers.

Our central star repeatedly shows spots on its surface that are caused by magnetic field fluctuations and are cooler, which makes them appear darker. From these spots rise again and again huge "flares", coarse flares of ionized gas, which are hurled into space. Particle streams hurtle toward Earth at speeds of up to 800 kilometers per second. We are currently living in a period of particularly strong solar activity (the sun has turned on the afterburner), but a particularly intense geomagnetic storm caused by solar turbulence took place almost 150 years ago.


Freedom of information, home-baked

Because Red-Green did not act, citizens’ rights organizations and journalists’ associations drafted a Freedom of Information Act themselves, which is presented today

Since 1998, SPD and Bundnis 90/Die Grunen have promised the electorate a Freedom of Information Act – i.e. the right to look into the files of the government and the bureaucracy. Since 1998 is told again and again, it was soon to come (cf. New edition of the Freedom of Information Act).

In the first legislative period nothing came of it and in the 15th legislative period nothing came of it. Election period is also already half-time. In particular, the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Defense have repeatedly distinguished themselves as blockers of a federal IFG (cf. Banana Republic of Germany).


Die bertelsmann stiftung und die okonomisierung der politik

Die durch die Stiftung mit forcierte Abdankung des Politischen vollzog sich durch unauffallige Reformkonzepte

Five years ago, only five years ago, publicists and social scientists discovered the Bertelsmann Stiftung as a reform agency with a rough influence on developments in almost all areas of German and European politics. But the foundation had never hidden itself and its work, and there was nothing conspicuous about its work. Thus, the inconsistency of reform concepts aimed at making the activities of state and municipal institutions and the health care system efficient and competitive according to economic yardsticks has been discovered. Conspicuous also because they are sought after by politicians of almost every stripe, and in many cases supported by other coarse corporate and party foundations.

The abdication of the political came into view, the orientation of political action and understanding according to business and global economic targets, supplemented by universal ethical accessories. "We are apolitical," stated Gunter Thielen, the old and new chairman of the foundation, in July 2008,1 and he almost hit the nail on the head with this remark, with which he defended himself against insinuations. It would have been more precise if he had said: We are anti-political.