The imf-sponsored economic disaster in brazil

The Speculators’ Attack: From East Asia and Rubland to Latin America

As Wall Street speculators expand their deadly forays, the global financial crisis has reached a new high point. Under the attack of the speculators, the stock exchange in Sao Paulo broke on Black Wednesday, the 13. January 1998, together. The vaults of the Brazilian Central Bank were blown up; the "dragging along" Tie of the Real to the Dollar was broken. Gustavo Franco, director of the Central Bank, was replaced by Professor Francisco Lopes, who, together with Finance Minister Pedro Malan, immediately left for Washington to meet with the IMF and the U.S. Treasury Department in a meeting on the financial crisis "Consultations" on the highest level.

Public opinion had been cleverly misled; the Asian flu was supposedly spreading "Asian Flu" from… The world media had almost incidentally made Itamar Franco, governor of the state of Minas Gerais (and a former president of Brazil) the "Jack of all trades" and blamed it for iing a suspension of payments to settle debts owed to the Brazilian federal government.1 The threat of the imminent cessation of payments by states had reportedly caused Brazil’s "economic credibility" influenced.


Artificial genome of a bacterium created

The institute of Craig Venter, star and pioneer of synthetic biology, reports the next successful step on the way to artificial life

The Craig Venter Institute reports a new breakthrough on the road to artificial life or synthetic biology (Life 2.0 or the production of "Single-cell factories"). The scientific journal Science published the article in ScienceExpress, after all, it is not only the scientists who need the attention to be first, but also the journals that compete with each other for attention. Time is of the essence in attention-soconomy, and Craig Venter has already made a name for himself and made money by using a faster sequencing method to prere and overtake the mainstream, publicly funded human genome project under the slogan Speed Matters.

So now the scientists of the institute he founded have once again accomplished a pioneering feat, if one believes their account and the peer review of Science. In 2003, the first artificial virus was assembled as part of the Minimal Genome Project (virus consisting of 5.000 artificial base pairs in only 14 days). In 2007, Venter filed the first patent application for an artificial bacterium. This was followed by the successful transfer of the complete genome of one bacterium into another (life 2.0: Breakthrough in synthetic genomics). This would be an important step in order to build an artificial genome into a cell and thus to be able to create an artificial living being with certain characteristics, which Venter speculates on.


Eu commission reviews subsidies for soccer clubs

Castles pose significant risks for taxpayers

According to research by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), the EU Commission is currently examining whether overt and covert professional soccer subsidies in the Netherlands, Spain and Germany are permissible under European law. It is not only about the police operations, so far borne by the taxpayer alone, but also about stadiums, training grounds and feeders.

According to experts, the for-profit companies in the Bundesliga, whose 52 members are the most successful in the world, will not be able to make a profit. season begins today, subsidized annually with more than 500 million euros from the public purse. This could violate EU state aid law and result in claims for repayment.


First isolation, then division?

At the EU summit in Brussels, Merkel and "Coalition of the willing" and the Eastern Europeans more unfamiliar than ever with it. Turkey also stirs up tensions

It’s amazing how quickly the wind shifts in Brussel. For years, it was no problem for the EU that refugees could enter Spain, Malta, Italy and finally Greece unhindered. When the agais rush reached a dramatic climax in September, no one called for a "Protecting the borders between the EU and Germany". On the contrary, Viktor Orban of Hungary was the Bose for daring to raise fences.

Three months later, coincidentally shortly after the CDU party conference in Karlsruhe, quite different tones come from Brussels. Now, the EU Commission wants to set up its own coast guard, which, if necessary, can guard the sea border against the will of Greece "secure" should. It follows not only the demands of Orban and the Eastern European hardliners. Chancellor Angela Merkel now also demands to secure the border. And quickly.


Fame is unfair

The Unknown Aces – Statisticians Google Discrepancies Between Celebrity Achievements and Fame Levels

Those who are more famous than others can eventually lie down in the hammock, because fame practically becomes a self-runner. Russian scientists researching in the USA think they can prove this by analyzing the relative notoriety of German fighter pilots in World War I. Oversized fame is not based on statistically corresponding oversized performance. Where is the blob performance and justice??

The fame of rough people must always be measured by the means by which they achieved it


Spam, fraud and drugs

Nigeria connection caught cold in Amsterdam: 52 arrested

Who had not yet "CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS PROPOSAL" of a "GENERAL UMARU WOSHA" in the mailbox, in which he asks in broken English and coarse letters for help in a criminal money transfer of several million, which of course shall not be free of charge?

In fact it is not, because every money-grubbing simpleton who gets involved with the Nigeria Connection waits in vain for the promised handsome commission, but a criminal money transfer actually takes place: Government officials and customs have to be allegedly bribed and instead of getting money, whoever gets involved with the Nigerians becomes a victim.


Shit happens online

Arcor launches "Video on Demand"

There are things that are needed. Just as a fish has a poodle hat or a chicken a class 3 driver’s license. And one of those really indispensable things is movies that you download over the Internet to watch at home on your PC. A special class of entertainment, which is a bit time-consuming and not very communicative, but certainly very attractive for single heavy users.

This and much more nonsense was also thought by the operators of And so they sent a trainee to the department store Woolworth, because there are always bargain tables with very great and above all very cheap videos. And when the trainee returned to the company and took out the purchased tapes from the two plastic bags, the Arcor people were amazed to see what treasures of cinematography were among them.