Die bertelsmann stiftung und die okonomisierung der politik

Die durch die Stiftung mit forcierte Abdankung des Politischen vollzog sich durch unauffallige Reformkonzepte

Five years ago, only five years ago, publicists and social scientists discovered the Bertelsmann Stiftung as a reform agency with a rough influence on developments in almost all areas of German and European politics. But the foundation had never hidden itself and its work, and there was nothing conspicuous about its work. Thus, the inconsistency of reform concepts aimed at making the activities of state and municipal institutions and the health care system efficient and competitive according to economic yardsticks has been discovered. Conspicuous also because they are sought after by politicians of almost every stripe, and in many cases supported by other coarse corporate and party foundations.

The abdication of the political came into view, the orientation of political action and understanding according to business and global economic targets, supplemented by universal ethical accessories. "We are apolitical," stated Gunter Thielen, the old and new chairman of the foundation, in July 2008,1 and he almost hit the nail on the head with this remark, with which he defended himself against insinuations. It would have been more precise if he had said: We are anti-political.

Right conspiracy theorists

The recently reintroduced staging theory of the attacks of 11.9. also finds favor in the right-wing camp

The ex-NPD board member Horst Mahler was not only a silent listener at the well-attended event "Staged Terrorism". He had already released CDs in the foyer before the event under the title "The September criminals" sells. The word scoop alludes to the swear word "November Criminals" which the NSDAP used to denigrate the supporters of the Weimar Republic.

Immediately after 11.September, Mahler had still justified the attacks and was therefore accused (right-wing tread fully occupied). In court he declared that he was now convinced that the attacks were part of a gross conspiracy of the USA.

Marketization in the care of the elderly

First rough study of privatization from the Nordic countries published

In the Nordic societies, things are so different after all. The latest example: A large group of researchers has come together to analyze one of the most pressing political ies in depth. Dozens of experts from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark as well as cooperating experts from Canada, the USA, Great Britain and Australia founded the Nordic research network on marketisation in eldercare (Normacare). At the first meeting in January 2012, the experts had agreed to study what had been "Marketisation" in eldercare is called. And in all its aspects.

The study entitled Marketisation in Nordic eldercare, edited by Gabrielle Meagher and Marta Szebehely, has just been published in Stockholm at the local university. It has what it takes to become a standard work (also outside Northern Europe) and should be taken note of by all those involved and interested, especially in Germany. Even though many of the foundations and frameworks, preconditions and implications of specific "nordic" and on top of that are different in the individual countries – the analyzed contexts are very instructive.

Russian company wants to convert nuclear submarines into transport ships

According to Danilov-Danilyan, the ousted chairman of the abolished environmental committee, 15 percent of the land is hazardous to the health of its residents

Russian nuclear submarines no longer have to sink or just lie around somewhere, but could also be put to civilian use and thus simultaneously defused as environmental bombs. But is this transformation of "Swords into plowshares" very limited – and the question remains, who after all the calamities and catastrophes would still like to entrust himself to the communist high-tech decaying in capitalism, even if he wins a trip to Mir.

The TV tower has burned and cut off the Moscow burgers from the umbilical cord of the media. The Kursk sank and once again pointed out the fatal situation of technology in Russia as well. Aleksandr Nikitin was prosecuted for betrayal of secrets, because he pointed out the environmental problem of the decaying Russian nuclear submarines (treason of an environmentalist)?). From the court in St. After his acquittal in St. Petersburg in 1999, the Prosecutor General’s Office appealed against the verdict.

Richard perle and the business

Influential Iraq war advocate and Defense Policy Board chairman is under fire for possible mixing of political and business interests

Richard Perle, the chairman of the U.S. Defense Policy Board, strongly entrenched in the conservative scene and one of the most vocal war supporters around the Bush administration, has been criticized for the article Lunch With The Chairman, published on 10.3. published in the New Yorker, angrily. Author Seymour Hersh, Perle told CNN last Sunday, was, "the closest connection that American journalism has with a terrorist".

Hersh did not actually attack Perle, who had served as a policy adviser on the Bush campaign team but had not then taken up a government post, particularly hard. In mid-2001, just in time, he accepted an offer from Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to become chairman of the Defense Policy Board.

Shit happens online

Arcor launches "Video on Demand"

There are things that are needed. Just as a fish has a poodle hat or a chicken a class 3 driver’s license. And one of those really indispensable things is movies that you download over the Internet to watch at home on your PC. A special class of entertainment, which is a bit time-consuming and not very communicative, but certainly very attractive for single heavy users.

This and much more nonsense was also thought by the operators of Arcor.de. And so they sent a trainee to the department store Woolworth, because there are always bargain tables with very great and above all very cheap videos. And when the trainee returned to the company and took out the purchased tapes from the two plastic bags, the Arcor people were amazed to see what treasures of cinematography were among them.

New eu product database for energy labels

New eu product database for energy labels

Graphic: TP

From 1. January 2019, all appliances will be included in a database for which an energy label is mandatory

With the regulation (EU) 2017/1369 from 4. July 2017, a new framework for energy labelling was established, which repeals Directive 2010/30/EU. The framework regulation applies directly in all EU member states and does not need to be transposed into national law. The legal instrument of the regulation, which contains clear and detailed provisions, is intended to avoid different implementation by individual EU member states.

A virtual sardinian village

Comente si siada, ma faeddhamus! Anyway, the main thing is that we talk to each other….

Sardinian is the real language of the inhabitants of Sardinia. The minority language is threatened because it has never developed its own written form and is increasingly overlaid by Italian. The Mediterranean island was first mentioned in.century in Egyptian sources and from ca. 900 v.Chr. occupied by the Phonicians. It was followed by the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Vandals and the Byzantine Empire. Later, in its eventful history, Sardinia belonged to Pisa, Aragon and Austria, against which it rebelled together with other regions of present-day Italy in 1848. Since 1948 it has been a region with a special status in the Italian State.

Sardinian has practically never been the official language of the country: on the remote island, the peasant and pastoral people developed their own dialect from Latin, which has survived to the present day. In Sardinian, Latin is preserved in a very original form.