The “fight against the right” has failed

The fight against the right is the modern form of medieval exorcism and is also conducted with magical rituals

In Saxony, the NPD is about as strong as the SPD, and the brown comrades are the second strongest force among first-time voters. Time to draw a conclusion: The fight against the right has failed. The motto "Youth for Tolerance and Democracy" has not been successful. This is indisputable, or someone would cynically claim that without the demand programs like Civitas – initiativ gegen Rechtsextremismus in den neuen Bundesladern everything would be much worse and a quarter of all eligible voters would vote for neo-Nazis today.

It is also indisputable that no one will admit that it is the governmental "Antifa", initiated after the media hype against right-wing extremism five years ago, is all about hot air and worried attitudes in permanence. The "Fight against the right" was a moral-theological meta-discourse, flanked by the appropriate hysterical reports, which, like the "Fight against drugs", has nothing at all to do with reality and therefore had to fail already in the beginning.

The frequently encountered text modules, to have courage against or civil courage, or the ethnologically quite bold thesis, the showing of the good, true gentle symbols, the holy Tucher or the own face was magically effective against the evil, proves: In Germany one sees, if at all, racism and anti-Semitism as a theological, that is, ultimately behavioral problem and not as a political one.

The categorical imperative in Protestant-influenced everyday culture is: Have the right feelings, and everything will be all right. The result is a cathartic one for the ruling classes: everyone involved feels relieved because the supposed problem can be delegated to teachers, social workers and priests. They do something. What, does not interest then any more, if with the assignment of the demand funds with donors and takers the intended good conscience set itself in the long run. Only feelings pay.

The fight against the right, against drugs and other crazy things is the modern form of medieval exorcism and, like that, is conducted with magical rituals. The tribunal is no longer the inquisitors, but the media. Instead of witch burnings, there are torchlight processions alias chains of lights, strictly autoaggressive as usual in Protestantism. One pleads guilty and symbolically burns one’s own sins. The wicked are known to be unreasonable and are not included in the rituals of the well-meaning.

Angela Merkel brought it to the point: "30 percent for the extremists." This is state doctrine – the well-known doctrine of totalitarianism, which only East German politicians dare to pronounce in such an orthodox-primitive manner. Red equals brown. Thalmann equals Hitler. Gestapo equals Stasi. PDS equals NPD. The CDU and large parts of the so-called "People’s parties" have "Fight against right" never led, because nobody knew who the opponent was: the skinheads, the violent ones, the chaotic ones from left and right, the NPD, the DVU, the "Free comradeships", the salon fascists, who are the "Young Freedom" the right-wing think tanks, anti-Semites in the CDU?

The good news last: Nothing new in the East. Quite the opposite. The East is becoming as normal as the West was. The last time the NPD was in the state parliaments of the former West Germany was in 1968, with almost the same election results as now in Saxony. With one difference: the proportion of die-hards and old Nazis was considerably coarser back then. The NPD as a party became irrelevant because society as a whole shifted to the left and social democracy absorbed relevant parts of the superparliamentary opposition.

Since history does not repeat itself, one cannot hope for it. But perhaps already uberberlegen, like the "Fight against the right" when the brown comrades have captured a third of the electorate, like the Vlaams Blok in Antwerp. Report, drive through, ban, as before and just as unsuccessfully?

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