Corona: provision female, dying male

Corona: precaution female, dying male

Significantly more males die from covid-19 than females. This is partly due to genetics, but on the other hand to the "unmanly" image of health care and role stereotypes

The Corona pandemic is – also – a gender ie, because far more men than women die in connection with Covid-19, while more suspected cases of severe side effects of vaccines occur in women. Both of these reflect findings from gender-based health research. solutions were gender-sensitive health education for boys and men and greater consideration of female biology in the development of drugs and vaccines.

In principle, Covid-19 is and remains a viral disease, sometimes serious, and it is not the fault of anyone to suffer – or even to die – from it. In this respect, it is not about clarifying the question of guilt, but about a better understanding of the effects of the pandemic, including those on subjective health and infection prophylaxis. In this regard, the greater involvement of men among those officially registered as having died in connection with Covid-19 is striking. According to the RKI are considered "deceased in connection with Covid-19", who tested positive for Sars-Cov-2 by PCR test.

"In general, it is always at the discretion of the health department whether a (PCR-confirmed) case is reported as deceased to or. with COVID-19 to the RKI or not. For a large proportion of COVID-19 deaths reported to the RKI, the case is considered to be "deceased from the reported disease" indicated", explained the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in response to a Telepolis query. For people who are treated at home and die, not due to the diagnosis of Covid-19, the family doctor decides whether to perform a PCR test, this can be done during treatment, but also post-mortem.

Class, age and gender ies

If you want to solve a problem, you have to analyze it first. Covid-19 acts as a burning glass on social problems in many ways, but it also challenges the different ways in which men and women are affected. That corresponds approximately to the scientific realizations regarding the difference between women and men. Manner health. So far, however, it does not appear that these findings will play a role in the pandemic response. The Robert Koch Institute, however, would be well advised to heed the findings it has compiled itself.

The Corona pandemic is a class ie, not an age ie, Peter Nowak recently stated. This is true – and also not true, because on the one hand the socially disadvantaged are more severely affected by the pandemic, and on the other hand it is mainly the elderly who die, even among the poor. Still, although 70 percent of the over 80-year-olds are fully vaccinated against Corona, as the RKI reported to Telepolis.

According to the RKI’s daily situation report, during the reporting period from March 31. March 2021 to 4. May 2021 total 7.380 people officially associated with Covid-19. Of those, 3.757 were over age 80, or 51 percent of the total who died during the period; 928 were over age 90, or 13 percent of the total who died during the period.

Men significantly overrepresented among Covid 19 decedents

Of the 83.359 official Covid 19 deaths at the time, 43 were.399 (52 percent) male and 39.960 (48 percent) female. This appears relatively balanced. In the overall picture, it comes to bear that in the over-90 age group, with 12.172 to 6.278, almost twice as many women as men were registered among the dead. However, significantly more women than men reach this age.

In the group of 80- to 89-year-olds, there were 19.543 men and 18.979 women linked to the virus. With a total of 56.972, those over 80 years of age account for 68 percent of the deceased (as of 4. May 2021 according to RKI) in total. Already among those aged 70 to 79, significantly more men were affected by fatal covid-19 events than women: 10.712 men and 6.034 women.

With 73.718 women and men died, the proportion of those over 70 was 88 percent. Of the 60-69 year olds, 5.068 men and 2.205 women officially died in association with Covid-19; among those aged 50 to 59, 1.837 men and 755 women, among those aged 40 to 49 there were 386 men and 188 women, among those under 40 there were 185 men and. boys, and 95 women and. girls.

In Germany, there are currently 5.681.135 people are over 80 years old, of whom 3.517.261 or. 62 percent female and 2.163.874 or. 38 percent male. Nevertheless, the mortality rate (officially linked to Covid-19 deaths) of men was higher than that of women: 45.3 deaths over 80 were male, 54.7 female – in relation to all those over 80, the mortality rate for women was 0.88 percent and for men of the same age, 1.2 percent. Consequently, even among the dead in this age group, men are overrepresented in relation to their share of the population.

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