Technology as a continuation of the body

A conversation with the Australian media artist Stelarc

Australian media artist Stelarc has been exploring the relationship between man and machine for over 20 years. In sensational actions – such as a sculpture sunk in the stomach or a performance with an industrial robot – he has repeatedly stimulated reflection on this interface. In recent years, Stelarc has also experimented with the Internet. The first time, by the way, was in 1995, when the exhibition Telepolis took place in Luxembourg, from which this online magazine emerged.

technology as a continuation of the body

Stelarc in Luxembourg


The “spartan luxury lifestyle” of an alg ii recipient

Text anonymized, people confused – Part 2

A rule set, which nobody in this high knows

As in Part 1: text anonymized, people described confused, one in the paper has "The world" published an article that describes the "spartan luxury lifestyle" of an ALG II-Empfangerin is to document, irritates. He does this, among other things, because the figures and the way in which z.B. the account extracts were represented, did not appear coherent.

Corresponding reactions to the newspaper article were not lacking. Thus kopperschlaeger notes in