Walk with 22 dead

Saudi Arabia: Last weekend’s assassins boast of their deeds on the net

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, as you know, a highly modern country that, thanks to its pluralistic orientation and the participatory impetus of its civil society, maintains an intellectually sophisticated exchange about what is good and useful for the state and what is harmful and evil.

This too is known: between theory and practice, oh, there gapes many a gulf; how already, then, when heroes of religious practice show by deeds how quickly and easily the distinctions between good and evil and the resulting decisions are to be made.

We asked our Muslim brothers where the Americans were and they showed us a building where the companies had their offices. We found an American; I shot him in the head, which it tore into pieces. Then we found a Sud African and we shot him too.

With a hint of teasing, Nashmi, who – quite in tune with the times – boasts on the net of his deeds last weekend (cf. The hostage drama in Saudi Arabia), in addition to the fact that the jihadi troops were hindered in their mission for good and right by apparently intransigent security forces, which is why these brothers had to be brought into line first by a short discussion of the jjango kind, with lead bullets.

These discrepancies aside, the cleanup visit by Mohammed al-Nashmi and his Kuds Brigade to APICORP headquarters and the swanky Oasis resort was a successful day, with the combatants of evil strolling through the security zones "as through a park", found a restaurant where there was "good food" and in between the foreign unbelievers about the evil in their respective countries (the persecution of Muslims in the Philippines, the wrong engagement of the Italians in the Iraq war, etc.).) and then executed, while on the upper floors Muslims were subjected to less rigorous instruction on the correct faith.

Little recognition was given to this Clear-Cut-Distinction between good and evil by Grob Mufti Asis al-Sheikh, the religious leader of Saudi Arabia, who strongly condemned these acts and last week called on his people in a fatwa to report any information about terrorist acts.

The paradigm shift of the head of the Wahabi doctrine of salvation is astonishing, since until now it was not so much the extremists among the orthodox who were regarded as the epitome of evil, but a completely different kind of wrongly coded beings, namely women, who, brought together with men, are the root of all catastrophes.

For others, it is the reformists in the country. Fortunately for the Saudi people, however, the Minister of Labor recently explained that the seminars and conferences held in the name of national dialogue to develop reform proposals were not intended to do anything other than improve linguistic and rhetorical skills.

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