The fight goes on

Once again crackers have penetrated websites of the American government

According to a report in The New York Times, crackers from various groups again hit government websites on Sunday, where they announced plans to attack more computers. This time a website of the Department of Interior and a website of the Federal Supercomputer Laboratory in Idaho Falls were hit.

On the website of the Ministry of the Interior it said: "Now it’s our turn to hit them where it hurts, by providing every computer on the net with a .gov smoke. We will continue to strike until they fall to their knees and beg for mercy." The other website threatened the destruction of computers if the FBI did not stop. The FBI had declared war because it had searched the homes of many members of the Global Hell (gH) group.

Last week, other crackers had already defaced the Senate’s website, for which the group M0D took responsibility, and crippled the FBI’s, which is still down along with the National Infrastructure Protection Center’s site. The attack on the FBI was claimed by a cracker called Israeli Ghost. The attacks are understood as counterattacks on FBI investigations into the cracker scene. The FBI last week investigated four warrants for illegal intrusion into computer systems in Texas and also searched the Houston home of a prominent cracker. This is obviously also about the cracking of the website of the White House on the 23rd of March. May. Hacker News, on the other hand, speaks of nine arrest warrants, but no one has been arrested. According to AntiOnline, the FBI has already raided the homes of 20 hackers, and 95 more are said to be targets of a broader investigation in several U.S. states. This month, Eric Burns, 19, or Zyklon, a member of the group Global Hell, was found guilty in a court of three counts of hacking into computer systems. He is also believed to be responsible for the attacks on the White House and Senate websites, and his name was on the defaced White House website.

A Microsoft employee named VallaH was also investigated by the FBI and his computer equipment was seized. Allegedly, he has already been dismissed, although he claims not to be involved in any illegal activities. The teenager Mosthated told MSNBC that his apartment was searched and the computer equipment belonging to his parents was confiscated. He demands an end to the counter-attacks, as they could be incriminating for suspects like him. He himself has stopped hacking since last summer.

In a chat, a cracker named M1crochip, who is a member of the group F0rpraxe and allegedly comes from Portugal, took responsibility for the attack on the website of the Supercomputer Center: "If the FBI does nothing and does not stop arresting people and making their lives difficult, every member of F0rpraxe will eventually consider destroying each and every server. If this happens, everything will collapse." The attacks are the only "only means" the hacker community.

The authorities love to announce that the distorted websites did not contain classified information. The attacks, however, could result in prison sentences if the FBI can catch the actors. Meanwhile, it seems to be a kind of competition in the scene to see who can penetrate websites the most and the best and thus attract fame to themselves.

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