Crazy, the afd also has a think tank ..

Crazy, the afd also has a think tank ..

Desiderius Erasmus digs from the edge of the Middle Ages

Thinking German: How does it work? The Desiderius Erasmus Foundation (DES) shows it, documents its offers on its own website or on YouTube. Practically, the AfD, which used to use the funding tricks of the "Cartel Parties" In 2018, Curtis himself set up a foundation – party-affiliated, as it should be, and therefore probably provided with tens of millions from the state treasury. It brings together the right-wing intelligentsia and demonstrates where their thoughts come from, what they look like in high gloss, and what they are aiming at.

The AfD parliamentary group even has a philosopher in its ranks, the Sloterdijk scholar Marc Jongen, who in the opening volume of the DES series of publications has some really profound things to offer – including Plato. "Reflection for Germany", edited by foundation chairwoman Erika Steinbach and fund manager Max Otte, brings together two dozen "renowned" Experts who "Thinking about the future" and those MdB-Jongen his closing word "Germany curses itself" sends behind.

What is threatening in this country is therefore the death of the people, brought about by Merkel’s and those "Germany abolition course", supported by the cultural hegemony of the 68ers – a concern that Jongen shares with Breitbart or Breivik, Sarrazin or Hocke, just as they share the enemy image of Cultural Marxism. What is needed, on the other hand, is a full commitment to Germany, so that we can have a "The foundation says that it has a chance of surviving as a state and a culture".

So far, so simple and German. But why Erasmus of Rotterdam?? Why this old scholar, who acted as an exemplary opportunist in the turmoil of the Reformation era, disliked neither Jews nor Muslims, but instead fantasized about a peaceful Europe.

For the Christian Occident!

With the choice of its foundation patron, the party professes its allegiance to the Christian West – a reference to "our Europe", which is nothing new. 50 years ago, Adorno pointed out in one of his last lectures that the neo-fascism of the FRG had lost its label "Neo" deserves to be called a ‘nation of Europe’ at best because it attempts to, "to usurp European integration, for instance to talk of a ‘Nation of Europe’". Today, a united Europe has a dual propaganda function: to serve as an enemy image for the suppression of the national identity of its people and, at the same time, to be valued as a bulwark against the onrushing masses who are completely unfamiliar with occidental values.

DES board member Konrad Adam explains the choice: "What spoke for Erasmus above all was that he appeared to us as the first representative of a Europe defined culturally, not just economically." The point is to fake a cultural identity and to defend it against intruders who are "our" Europe, to bring them into position. Erasmus is thus suitable above all to provide the enemy image of Islam fascism with depth.

Catholic theologians such as David Berger and Wolfgang Ockenfels are happy to lend their hand to this foundation cause. The former misses the clear crusader position in his church today, as "even the current pope – or so it seems to me – has long been a cryptogam-mental convert to Islam" Be. Colleague Ockenfels of the Catholic social doctrine refreshes once again the Marx-enemy-image, because the old Rheinlander, prototype of the decomposing Jewish intellectual, his "utopian ideology" as a cheap substitute for religion, which "until today to persecutions of Christians and churches" stimulate.

And who persecutes Christians today, but also Jews? Clarifications were offered at this year’s Auschwitz commemoration, which was immediately put on the right track by the German President with his appearance at Yad Vashem: It applies, "the Bose" that is in all of us, the badness. There also the AfD could take part in the pflichtgemaben commemoration, fell not at all roughly with "Cult of guilt"-even reminded the audience in a statement that the mass murder of the "committed by the National Socialists" (AfD-compact, 27.1.20), while Steinmeier always spoke of "the Germans" spoke.

Correct from the AfD! After all, Germans such as Walter Ulbricht or Erich Honecker had no part in this "Bosen".

Against Islam Appeasement!

If one – like the German President – mystifies the fight against nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism as a struggle with evil, i.e. makes of it an eternally striving effort, right-wing populists or radicals can follow suit. For the critics of Islam from the right-wing camp know one thing: Where two or three Orientals are gathered in the name of Allah, there is evil in their midst. And so the AfD, on the occasion of the Auschwitz memorial day, immediately let hang out unconditional Israel solidarity and demanded the federal government, "the appeasement policy against Iran" (AfD-compact, 27.1.20), i.e. to adopt a course of war. Note: The AfD is the true anti-Semitism campaigner.

With this partisanship for the Christian occidental culture, one can naturally make all kinds of (intellectual) historical connections. And DES operates this as renovation of the political culture. Conversely, many parallels can be found with a critical intention. The Munich Journal of Philosophy "contradiction", which its current ie (no. 68) the topic "The New Right" is dedicated to such derivations from fascist or conservative traditions.

If you look at the economic and social policies of the AfD, for example, you will come across numerous parallels to the "national-social programming in the tradition of the Weimar TAT circle or the idea of a European International of the fascists". Popular are borrowings from the "Conservative Revolution", Authors like Ernst Junger or Oswald Spengler, who – due to early death or failed career plans – could not participate in the Nazi regime to any great extent.

Indeed, one can draw such lines of connection; in the discussion about the economic order, for example, one could still recall the clerical-fascist heritage. Father Ockenfels takes up z.B. quite unbiased on Pope Pius XI. who even Catholic church historians now classify as a fascist collaborator and crony of Mussolini (cf. the German edition of David Kertzer’s study "Pius XI. and the secret pact with fascism" with the preface by the German theologian Hubert Wolf).

Pius drew in 1931, as Ockenfels praisingly points out, in "Quadragesimo anno" against "Imperialism of international finance capital" and came up with some interesting ideas for a new "orderly market". To this belonged the Standestaat, an old preference of the Popes in the nascent capitalism and a counter-program to the republican idea, which was then realized for the first time in the Austrian Dollfub regime: Also such a forerunner, which is not directly national-socialist discredited and is suitable for knocking!

However, a question immediately arises as to how the "Contradiction"-When nowadays enemies of foreigners march, when nationalists vote for the AfD or NPD, it can be amed that they are inspired by a reactionary philosopher like Heidegger, or even that they have read something by him? Hardly, is the answer, they will not even know the name.

The right-wing trend as a political movement receives in the course of its expansion an ideological superstructure, in which such references are a subject of discussion. Like Freerk Huisken in the "contradiction"-The US writes in its booklet, but keeps to the "Right-wing populism", that successful parties such as the FPo, RN or AfD are not bound to democratic procedures. It promises to transform the respective popular sentiments into a majority of the electoral votes and thus settle the score with the "People betrayers" in power.

In democratically administered capitalism, which turns the people into the national constitutional mass of an increasingly fierce competition between states, the front against other nations is nested from the outset, which, if the worst comes to the worst, will be called up by more radical variants. If people see themselves first and foremost and in the sense of a natural fact as members of a "Populus" and see their salvation in the hands of a strong power, which is not "Globalism" If a population pays homage to its national identity rather than to the limited territorial scope of state power, then it is prepared to take up a hostile position toward foreign countries and foreigners and, if necessary, to carry it out.

In today’s nation-state – and not in a fatal mental history – one thus finds the reason for the spreading right-wing trend. Huisken’s conclusion: "Critique of the right or. radical right-wing thinking ultimately cannot get along without the proof that every variant of nationalism – be it democratic or popular – lives from the divide between domestic and foreigners that determines nation-states. The only reason for this division is the limited territorial scope of state power. This is signaled by armed borders as well as the permanent dispute in Europe, even within the democrats, about the limits of surrendering national sovereignty."

Johannes Schillo has 2019 "The AfD and its alternative national education" (Ulm, Edition Pyrrhus) has been published. References for the above article here.

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