“It is an abuse of interpretive sovereignty”

Gellermann, Klinkhammer and Brautigam interviewed about the Tagesschau’s reporting

How serious is the journalism that the Tagesschau offers night after night when it comes to far-reaching political topics?? Uli Gellermann, Friedhelm Klinkhammer and Volker Brautigam have just published a book titled "The Power at 8: The Tagesschau Factor" which directs the viewer’s attention to the criticized shallows of the ARD news flagship.

In an interview with Telepolis, the Tagesschau critics even talk about "Exchange manovers by means of clever choice of words", "of politically motivated language" and a "Abuse of the sovereignty of interpretation".


From the inner workings of the german trojan forge

The police software TuV heibt "Competence Center Information Technology Surveillance". The involvement of private manufacturers of surveillance software is being considered

Several parliamentary questions reveal details on the use of malware to infiltrate private computer systems. Software from the British company Gamma is tested by the BKA at a low price. The Netherlands uses German Trojans, whose functionalities are in part "deactivated" or "blocks" can be. Also the EU agency Europol uses a wide arsenal of surveillance software. The German government reportedly does not know whether public prosecutors throughout the EU are also participating in the international exchange of Trojan horses. As a result, their export to Syria may soon be sanctioned.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) trivializes the purchase of malware as a "Market monitoring"According to information provided by the German government, the agency is testing software from the British company Gamma International GmbH for so-called "Source Telecommunications Surveillance" ("Source-TKu"). This is commonly used by the authorities to refer to the interception of Internet telephony.