Man is a sheep to man

Man is a sheep for man

about the "critical" Mass of demonstrators, QAnon-Ken and the lack of recognition for the silent majority – A polemic

This weekend some demonstrations have taken place, more or less against the Corona decrees. On many (not yet reconsolidated) open spaces in German cities you can now find a smorgasbord of different motives, justifications, opinions, attitudes, theories, speculations, purposes and goals in the causa corona.

They are united in wanting to make themselves heard, or at least to mingle with people and to do so in the open air, which is a fundamental right that is also a fundamental right to protect. The coverage focuses on the violations of the upper limits of the number of participants, conscientiously warns against the infiltration of right-wing extremists. Current concerns of the burghers – who apparently prefer bids to bans – are hardly addressed at all.

Whether these demos for a faster occurrence of the "second wave" The question of whether the Iraqis will be able to provide the necessary support is clear elsewhere "erste Welle" not as desastrous as in other countries, so that the concerns of the demonstrators can revolve around civil liberties instead of more pressing problems, and that in the feel-good center called the demo. Elias Canetti already precisely observed the attractiveness of the mass: the loss of all individuality is seen as a liberating act, since the individual is no longer alone in the face of the chaotic world.

The world is indeed chaotic, but there are no demonstrations for better wages for all, for sustainable economies, for shorter working hours, for more affordable housing, against cum-ex schemes and massive tax evasion, against outsourcing, against Amazon’s destruction of the retail sector, against the spying on data and privacy, or against redensification. solidarity with all those who lost their loved ones in Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain or Russia and were not even allowed to say goodbye – as if this does not shed light on human rights – is out of place.

In any case, it is not generally acceptable for politicians to respond to the concerns of people with new cars, however they may be expressed. What are single parents who are patiently waiting for the daycare center to open supposed to do with a new BMW?? In particular, it is also not necessary to let the police print out in heavy equipment: Armed with high resolution cameras to peacefully disperse the crowds armed with high resolution cameras. One would like to see again the green police uniforms, which could never be provocative with all their efforts.

They are opposed – despite all the media coverage – by a colorful mixture of peaceful demonstrators. Of course, there are a few black sheep who are brown among them. They mingle with those who demand the priority of fundamental rights, of which "Brown" think little of in principle. They also want to make use of their basic rights, one should not "not to put up with everything", they think that enough is enough, it is a matter of principle, in short: "It is enough!". Why actually?

Speech without answer

Adorno once said: "Only those thoughts are true which do not understand themselves." Some people take this a bit too literally at the moment. They parrot incomprehensibly what is not understandable and therefore must be true. Dark powers want to force inoculate, scream those who are currently inoculating themselves with wild QAnon theories, including KenFM.

Among his ultra-short-wave thoughts, which do not understand themselves, but are supposed to be true in any case, is that the developer of Windows is again demanding the anti-virus industry, no, he is even behind it. How perfidious! Typical for VTler: The causality fetish turns into a correlation paranoia. Everything is so interwoven, intertwined and entangled, as you would "you can not imagine in your wildest dreams", as they say. Much of the QAnon-induced emoting sounds like clickbait journalism on steroids anyway, often in the form: "OMG! It’s so brutal! You won’t believe what now again…" nobody will believe.

Thankfully, a user in the Telepolis forum clarifies Ken’s thoughts:

"Gates finances the WHO to over 80%" – lied in 2019 it was not even 10% "Gates has more power than all political leaders combined during WW II, incl. Adolf and Josef" – lol "Gates has bought the mirror – With an amount uber years of not even 1% of an annual turnover" – lol "Mandatory vaccination because of Corona" – lied was never in the bill "people were arrested because they were carrying the Basic Law" – lied "A bill of the Ministry of Health was secret" – lied is written on their homepage "Spiegel, TAZ and Co were GEZ referred" – lied "All other media lie!" – However, he uses exactly these media which only lie as his sources and then quotes deliberately wrongly.

The meanwhile mutated QAnondenke seems like an escape into a fiction, for those who rather think with their thumb in the social media; let themselves be steered by the dumbest of all fingers, instead of steering it with fingertip feeling for own thoughts.

The new "critical" Mass, which celebrates itself as particularly gifted to a form of critical thinking, repeats what others have put into the world, as if by consuming VT videos and engaging in "safe" chat rooms about "exchanges". In the chat forums on Telegram and the like, however, there is more hating than chatting.

The English "hate-speech" is probably more accurate than the German "Hate-speech" "Hate speech". In terms of content, QAnon suggests an adversary in the world that does not exist, just as hate speech suggests an adversary that does not exist. It is a speech without an answer.

Thus the "QAnonsense" propagated by superspreaders like Hildmann or Herman in Telegram channels, which do not allow participation in discussions, but broadcast only in one direction like antiquirated one-way media. One-to-many heibt the old familiar and "fascist" medium, like television: Precisely those who feared the indoctrination by the one-way media, and of the "fascist machinations" of a merely "alleged democracy" want to warn, degrade themselves again to Volksempfangerlauschern.

People without king

In the forum to an article of Alexander Unzicker wrote briefly a "critic" of the current world order: "What form of government would you like to see again?? 33-45????"

Well, what about a parliamentary monarchy??

There is more to listen to and read than ever before, but what is missing are a few appreciative and soothing words in this "chaotic world" of modernity. For a long time society has lacked the forum that was responsible for the recognition of those who abide by the rules of the community. And now that the church seems to want to add QAnon to the canon, the only thing left is a monarchy. Perhaps the demonstrations are silent calls for a king?

In any case, in other countries kings know how to reare their people with an emotional speech at the right time. It works wonders for those tortured souls who want nothing more than to hear a voice that is free of profit-oriented interests, free of political agendas, free of bargaining for the favor of the electorate. beyond all doubt, they can be kings and queens, not medieval French ones, of course, but modern Scandinavian ones.

"Many people are worried about their health, about their relatives, about their livelihoods", said the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf. "We are in a situation that requires people to take responsibility." That sounds more pleasant than coming from the mouth of Jens Spahn.

A good animal

So far, Germany has been spared from the pandemic, as if it were a force of nature against whose devastation nothing can be done. The achievement made in Germany is on the one hand an institutional one, on the other hand a rational one of the majority of the citizens. All these deserve recognition. Recognition, always a salutary act in a society where people are willing to do almost anything for a touch of it, has a hard time being singled out as an achievement.

Being reasonable is seldom acknowledged; instead, it is currently subject to the criticism that one resembles an obedient subject, a sheep, if one approves of the measures. Those who are patient and forbearing are polemicized as mute impotents, when they are the ones who angrily parade their voices away. But the silent majority is silent not least because it is fortunate that it does not agree with every "covidiot" or. QAnon fascists must confront. The critical mass can be a silent, acquiescent, indulgent one. That makes democracy strong.

That’s the way to live in Germany right now, as Adorno once suggested: "Try to live in such a way that one may believe to have been a good animal". Neither sheep nor wolf, but one that tries to live in such a way that one may believe that one has not infected others with one’s own stupidity.

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