Who is afraid of the black hole?

With the LHC of the nuclear research center CERN also tiny black holes could be produced, in the USA because of alleged risks for the whole earth a complaint was submitted

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle accelerator, will soon be completed at the European nuclear research center CERN. The ring accelerator with its 1.700 magnets has a circumference of 27 km. Not everyone, however, buries the planned experiments with the LHC, with which insight into the universe shortly after the Big Bang is to be obtained, for example, by the production of antimatter.

Representation of the decay of a black hole in the ATLAS detector. Image: CERN


Software against cats flitting over the computer keyboard

The real alternative Nobel prizes

There are things between heaven and earth, which are so useful, that one can hardly believe it. For example, the PawSense software, which costs just under 20 dollars, but can do amazing things. Provided you are the owner of a cat, which also has a tendency to climb over the keyboard of your home PC, leaving its traces on the monitor when the box is turned on. This is where PawSense comes in, a program that immediately detects when a cat touches the keyboard. After that the PC is blocked by cats and additionally a noise is produced, which the four-legged creatures simply don’t like. In short a brilliant idea…

Floating Frog